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Sunday, November 7th
19.00 – CentroCentro. Caja de Música

Price €12 / online: €10

For the past two decades or more, certain performers have been rummaging through all the music we tend to refer to as roots music, seeking whatever inspiration fits in with their mindset as jazz artists. More often than not, we’re talking about alert and resourceful creators, with a euphoric spirit and new skills with which to face the present time. Performers, when all is said and done, who abound in a music of multifarious identities that give new wings to their usual projects.


There’s no way you can understand the popular phenomenon that is Patáx if you don’t know these specific premises, even less so if you aren’t aware of how its members are particularly keen on the hot and exciting American salsa scene. For years now – here we’re quoting a sentence from their website verbatim – the band has been turning the live music scene in Spain (and outside the country as well) upside down.


With their eyes set on such powerful names as Weather Report or Chick Corea’s Elektric Band, Patáx is a multi-racial rhythmic machine in which musicians steeped in identity seek confrontation with different sound discourses born in other cultures. This detail has allowed them to find new paths for fusion music, taking it to a different level where the communion between flamenco and Afro-Cuban folklore seems to be the key ingredient in what is a magical recipe akin to the effervescence of pop. Several million visits on YouTube and tours that take them around the globe continue to confirm that they are one of Europe’s most promising fusion projects.

Jorge Pérez – Percussion

Valentin Iturat – Battery

Daniel Morales – Timbales-multiset

Alana Sinkey – Voice

Carlos Sánchez – Under

Miguel Sempere – Guitar

Jorge Vera – Piano

Lidón Patiño – Dance

MAP: Plaza Cibeles, 1A, 28014 Madrid
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