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Alba Careta Group

Alba Careta Group
Alba Careta

Alba Careta Group

Thursday, November 11th 
19.00 h – CentroCentro. Caja de Música

Price: €12 / online: 10€

A musician who is subject to constant changes, constantly growing… which is also perhaps as good a way as any to describe jazz itself. When certain young musicians revisit the classics and tradition, creation is renewed, it is freed from the annoying concept that it is a museum piece – something that has hurt revisionists so much. The most inquisitive fan can find one of the most noteworthy examples of this in trumpeter Alba Careta’s cover of “Corrandes d’Exili”, a Catalan song by Lluís Llach who added music to a poem by Pere Quart.


Musical creation was always very much to the fore in Alba’s home. Her mother was a primary school music teacher and her brother a jazz guitarist, so she grew up to the sound of music from a very early age. And the trumpet was the first thing that fascinated her. She once said that you usually start singing before you pick up an instrument, but she was adamant that the trumpet was going to be her thing. Later, when she began to give concerts, she understood that alternating between singing and playing the trumpet could be an excellent combination, so she went for it. Not only was that a brilliant way of showing the audience how versatile she was, but it also rested her lips before she took up her instrument again.


The album “Alades”, released in 2021 and the second one in her short career (the first one was “Orígens”, from 2018), was conceived during the two final years of Alba’s stay in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a city that, from her point of view, was very inspiring and full of music. She moved there to study a master’s degree in the jazz trumpet at the city’s conservatory and, during this time, she was inspired to write all the music that we can now listen to on the album.


Alba Careta currently lives with her soft voice and seductive trumpet in Avinyó, her hometown, located in the region of Bages. She works there on a regular basis and continues to receive praise from critics for doing just that. She has lots of idols in the world of jazz, some trumpeters and some not. However, if she could only mention a few, the list would surely include Ambrose Akinmsire, Tigran Hamasyan, Lee Morgan, and Chet Baker.

Alba Careta – Trumpet and voice

Lucas Martínez – Tenor Sax

Roger Santacana – Piano

Giuseppe Campisi – Double Bass

Josep Cordobés – Drums

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