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Carmen París

presents "In brief" (35th anniversary)

Carmen París
Carmen París

Carmen París

presents "In brief" (35th anniversary)

Tuesday, November 23th
20.00 – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau
Price: €16 / Concessions: €14 / Friends of the FG: €13

The years go by and Carmen París, born in Tarragona in 1966, remains true to her principles: she is an artist of elusive classification, permanently installed in change. In the mid-90s she put on the cabaret show “Carmen Lanuit” after which she gathered different jazz and flamenco musicians together, with whom she recorded “Pa’ mi Genio”, her debut album, in 2002 which was followed by “Jotera lo Serás Tú” (2005) and “In-Cubando” (2008), two different works with a very important creative supplement: both are inspired by jotas, a typical dance from Aragón, although the Arabian, Caribbean and flamenco influences are decisive.


Faithful to her prospective vocation, five years later Carmen released “EJazz con Jota”, in which -as the title informs us- she once again combined the rhythmic sap of the Aragonese jota with the emotional and harmonic richness of jazz. For her courage and for the extraordinary and intelligent work of fusion that her music always holds in store for us, a jury of the INAEM awarded her the National Award for Contemporary Music in 2014. A more than deserved award for a performer whose career has always been shaped by a multi-directional experience in the complicated territory of popular music from all over the world.


“Dos Medinas Blancas” is her last album, published in 2017. And, fifteen years since she moved to Madrid and thirty-five since she first walked out onto a stage, she is now celebrating that anniversary with “En Síntesis”. This is an anthology of her best songs from her four multi-award-winning albums: the aforementioned “Pa’ mi Genio”, “Jotera lo Serás Tú”, “In-Cubando” and “EJazz con Jota”. A handful of titles that show the multiple aromas and landscapes in the music and texts the artist has created – or adapted – around the jota, a style sufficiently influential to have demonstrated that the musical heritage of our Iberian Peninsula is by no means limited merely to fado and flamenco.

Carmen Paris – Voice

Diego Ebbeler – Piano and choirs

Jorge Tejerina – Percussion and choirs

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