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Chico Pérez

Chico Pérez
Chico Pérez

Chico Pérez

Thursday, November 18th
8:00 – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau

Price: €16 / Concessions: €14 / Friends of the FG: €13

His piano was unmistakable. When you listened to his departures from the structure envisaged in the melodic assertions and the bite of his keyboard in “Spain”, it was easy to imagine, sitting at the instrument, the smiling face of Armando Anthony “Chick” Corea, a jazzman without a shadow of a doubt, an unrestrained improviser and an artist who, in every public performance, needed to associate with the entire audience and to receive and respond to their complicity. He said he could feel the same cooperation in the warmth of murmuring and the tension of silence.


This veritable mass phenomenon deployed his hypersensitivity in every conceivable format. The acoustic ones are very well represented in his solo piano pieces as they are in duos with his buddy Herbie Hancock or with the vibraphonist Gary Burton, and, of course, in his later work with the trios that played on the “Trilogy” and “Origin” projects. The electric lightning of “Return to Forever” marked the continuity of the adventure that Miles Davis had embarked on at the end of the 1960s, and his adventures with the Elektric Band marked his continuity, the continuity of jazz-rock. And on top of all this, the creation of orchestral works, countless collaborations in outstanding projects, and the launch of one of the initiatives that brought him the most unconditional support here in Spain. I’m referring of course to the successive line-ups of his band Touchtone, reborn in recent years as The Spanish Heart Band.


What we are going to see in the Fernán Gómez is not exactly a reinvention of these projects, but it is true that some of the musicians on the stage did help to give them shape in their day. In essence, a sonic concoction of flamenco, Hispanic and Latin inspirations, presented as a tribute by a generation of performers who, like Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent and Rubem Dantas, grew up with the ventricles of their hearts committed to two languages:  Jazz and Flamenco. The former has been entrusted with the musical direction of this tribute, accompanied by Niño Josele on guitar, Tino Di Geraldo on drums, and Ton Risco on vibraphone.


Rather than going into details, the best thing will be to celebrate having been at this concert and to leave in the air a sense of gratitude towards such great artists and, above all, towards the superlative musician they are evoking; a creator who spent six decades living in a state of permanent defiance.

Antonio José Pérez López (Chico Pérez) – Piano

Belén Vega Rus – Vocalist

Aroa Fernández Ortiz – Vocalist

Fiti Esteban – Bajista

Guillermo Hernansaiz Herranz – Battery

Lara Sanson Mora – Violinist

Daniel Henao Velasquez – Violinist

Carlos Corales Ríos – Violinist

Manuel Moro Peruyera – Chelista

Miguel Sempere Bujan – Guitarrista

Olaya Alcázar Oltra – Vocalist

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