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Duot + Andy Moor

Duot + Andy Moor
Duot + Andy Moor

Duot + Andy Moor

Friday, November 19th
8:30 – Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque.

Price: €18

The contemporary nature of jazz as it passes through Condeduque has been expressing itself in recent years through free improvisation, a musical beat that goes far beyond the margins of the vanguard avant-garde where there is no room for adjectives or aesthetics, because it is… pure freedom. It is in this context that Duot takes to the stage in Madrid for the first time; the free and libertarian alliance between saxophonist Albert Cirera and drummer Ramon Prats, a small jazz laboratory that ends up being a major test bench without any formulas or labels, and that from time to time becomes a trio, thanks to the participation of British guitarist Andy Moor (The Ex). With four albums under their belts -the last one of which is “Fe”, or “Faith” – and a long cross-country journey through all the confines of improvised music, Cirera and Prats continue to venture into unexplored territories, on this occasion with British guitarist Andy Moor, with whom they also recorded the album “Food”. Known for being one of the pillars of the legendary experimental punk-rock band The Ex, which has been active for more than three decades, Moor has collaborated with all kinds of artists from different disciplines without ever losing sight of his commitment to exploration, both on his label Unsounds and as a solo artist. Trained as a musician in the British punk scene of the 80s, he is still a militant of self-management as a way of life and musical creation. His particular way of playing the guitar, iconoclastic, loutish and noisy but, above all, abrupt and full of edges, is always a challenge for the listener and a way of understanding music that connects with something quite primitive and essential. It will be precisely this essence that Moor and Duot will be seeking, with muscle and energy, like strange athletes who are experts in tensing reality.

Since the excellent reception of his first album, “Els Encants” (Fresh Sound, 2012), Albert Cirera has established himself as one of the most exciting and energetic saxophone improvisers on our scene, a kind of Catalan Ken Vandermark who defies all the rules of avant-garde jazz. Drummer Ramon Prats follows the same conceptual and artistic lines; another natural-born free improviser of drumheads and drumsticks, whose latest milestones include being a member and founder of one of the most fundamental jazz trios in the history of Spanish jazz, MAP, alongside Ernesto Aurignac and Marco Mezquida. Now the pair share their intimate challenge of seeking out all the horizons of avant-garde jazz together with another master of adventure and discovery, Andy Moor. The best thing of all is that nothing can be presupposed in their performances, because nothing is written down and everything is left to the inspiration of the moment, which is why their appearance at Condeduque is a must for fans who are avid for new sounds, languages and emotions.

Albert Cirera – SAXOPHONES

Ramon Prats – DRUMS

Andy Moor –  GUITAR

MAP: Conde Duque, 11, 28015 Madrid