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Guillermo Mcgill

Guillermo Mcgill
Guillermo McGill

Guillermo Mcgill

Saturday, November 20th
20.00 – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau

Price: €16 / Concessions: €14 / Friends of the FG: €13

Here in Spain, there are lots of jazz publications that claim to be specialised, although in reality they are only covert advertising platforms for a number of record companies and other marketing initiatives. Jazz in our country has much more going for it and much more influence than such publications are capable of realising. Guillermo McGill has no need of such media. His is a solid track record, sustained by the release of a wide array of albums and his participation in a number of festivals where JAZZ is written with capital letters and played without concessions to the gallery.


A couple of years ago, this drummer appeared on the stage here at the Fernán Gómez with a brilliant show called “Flamenco Trane” and now he’s back to present a new project in the format of an instrumental quintet. All its members of the band – and these are the words of the musician himself – further explore the jazz-ECM-flamenco path down which the artist set off a few years ago, with compositions in which the structures, the order of the tunes and the development of the melodies are based, as far as possible, on the way the musicians distribute their energy among themselves and on the energy they reserve for the audience.


Basically speaking, these are the main arguments that have served to launch an initiative which, like so many others in which Guillermo has been involved, combines liberated flamenco with Jazz with a capital J that looks to the land. In this music, such joyful improvisers as Julián Sánchez on trumpet, flugelhorn and percussion; Álvaro Vieito on electric guitar; Chiqui Cienfuegos on piano; Joan Masana on double bass, and Guillermo himself on drums, add delicate flourishes to the melodies, allowing everything to shine like a precise and infallible rhythmic machine.


As has already happened with our guest’s music on previous occasions, the discoveries will multiply on the stage as the concert goes on, adding to the atmosphere and raising the pleasure of the audience to the same level, at least, as the enjoyment shown by the performers. Music always found on the border, in that strip of land where denominations of origin are diluted, and everything is colourful. A no man’s-land that is thriving thanks to the artistic affinity between two such vibrant identities as jazz and flamenco.

Julián Sánchez – Trumpet, horn, percussion

Álvaro Vieito – Guitar

Chiqui Cienfuegos – Piano

Joan Masana – Double bass

Guillermo McGill – Battery

Open this map. Address: Plaza de Colón, 4, 28001 Madrid