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Ignasi Terraza Dúo

Ignasi Terraza Dúo
Ignasi Terraza

Ignasi Terraza Dúo

Tuesday, November 9th
19.00 h – CentroCentro. Caja de Música

Price: €5,50
in collaboration with AIE En Ruta Jazz

JAZZMADRID continues to expand its contents in this year’s edition by once again offering a hand – and space – to a couple of proposals selected by the specialists who, each season, shape the Jazz Circuits of the Association of Performers and Performers (AIE).

Gonzalo del Val defends positions with his drums in a group that boldly seeks to make a difference, with a modernising commitment to original forms. Born in Miranda de Ebro, although based now in Catalonia, his visit to JAZZMADRID comes hot on the heels of his triumph on the stage of last summer’s Vitoria Jazz Festival where the audience were enraptured by his quartet – an instrumental format that suits his music to a tee.

What follows has been written in all the Internet forums, and, and, although we don’t like to resort to this device, all we can do is repeat it, because it is completely accurate. Gonzalo’s career is an example of tenacity and honesty certified by an enviable work record. The sum of all these details makes this artist a young veteran who treasures and shares wisdom; as a musician, as a creator, and, in his pedagogical work, as a teacher responsible for the Jazz Department of the Conservatori Superior del Liceu in Barcelona.

Ignasi Terraza – Piano

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