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Lionel Loueke Solo

Lionel Loueke Solo

Lionel Loueke Solo

Thursday, November 11th 
20.00 h – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau

Price: €18 / Concessions: €16 / Friends of the FG: €15

This is a pretty unusual guitarist, with a strange aim: to pursue uniqueness. His determination to place musicality on the front line makes him a particularly attractive performer at a time when the codes of artistic behaviour are often marked by the repetition of patterns of people who have managed to release a hit, no matter how minor.


48-year-old Lionel Loueke was born in Benin and began playing percussion instruments at the age of nine. His older brother was a guitarist who influenced him to choose that instrument. He used to listed to Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, George Benson… And this is where we encounter one of those “overcoming adversity stories” that always touch people’s hearts here in the West. It took Loueke a year to earn the 50 dollars he needed to buy his first guitar. And when he needed to change some of his strings, he had to use the brake cables from his bicycle… You see? It’s David versus Goliath all over again…


Lionel Loueke played in the 2016 edition of JAZZMADRID, when he appeared in the Aziza quartet that included Chris Potter, Dave Holland and Eric Harland. Before then he’d been on a journey that took him from Benin to the Ivory Coast, Paris and Berklee and had a happy ending in a constellation of stars whose brilliance owes much to the talent of Charlie Haden, Angelique Kidjo or Herbie Hancock. The achievement, paradoxically, is only matched by Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona, with whom Lionel Loueke has much in common: they both make continuous journeys with their guitar solos and vocals to the black spring from which so much of the music we listen to today originates.


He’s here to present “HH”, a recreation of the most iconic tunes from Herbie Hancock’s catalogue. The result needs no fine-tuning, because all the pieces he has selected express themselves in the same language of sonic freedom, even though the accent is from somewhere else.

Lionel Loueke – Electric guitar

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