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Lucía Rey Trío

Lucía Rey Trío
Lucía Rey Trio

Lucía Rey Trío

Friday, November 12th
19.00 h – CentroCentro. Caja de Música

Price: €12 / online: 10 €

There’s no way to stop this new generation of jazz performers from showing off their talent. They are the result of the inevitable and quite probably fertile cross-over between the music they learnt at the conservatory, the rhythmic references they have learnt from other contemporary cultures and, in many cases, the traditional heritage of our south. One of the most striking examples of this recent batch can be found in the work of the pianist Lucía Rey who will be playing at this festival with the trio she forms with Michael Olivera – whose delicate drumming is always a pleasure to enjoy – and the elegant and efficient double bass player Ander García.


Lucía’s music began to be acclaimed in 2016, when she decided to strike out on her own with a trio that synthesised different forms of world music from the perspective of contemporary jazz. Her first album, “Reflexion”, was published in 2017 and it wasn’t long before her repertoire became one of the most listened to on all manner of tours, at festivals and in Spain’s most important jazz venues.


Two years later, the talent of Lucía Rey came to the fore at the Condeduque Centre for Contemporary Culture here in Madrid, when she won the 2nd Jazz Residency promoted and organised by this municipal institution. And there’s more! In 2020, she was commissioned to collaborate with her trio, as director and arranger, in the International Festival of Religious Art in Madrid, together with the mezzo-soprano Marta Knörr, in a project based on Hölderling.


In each of her live appearances, Lucía deploys her suggestive expressive palette, rousing all her resources as we know only she can and as we have seen on other occasions. She is a subtle and balancing element in this new generation. Not only does she have a splendid voice as a soloist, but she is able to turn each of her concerts into a quite unique event, generating a highly fluid dialogue that perfectly spells out her phrases and skips over the obvious.


Lucía Rey – Piano, compositions

Michael Olivera García – Battery

Ander García – Double bass

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