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Paula Parker

Paula Parker
Paula Parker

Paula Parker

Sunday, November 14th
19.00 h – CentroCentro. Caja de Música
Price: 12 € / online: 10 €

The aesthetics of swing and jazz music, which turned the world on its head in the United States in the 1930s and 40s -without all that many distinctions between the social classes-, continues to arouse interest among fans. JAZZMADRID pays attention to this kind of music every year, and on this occasion the chosen exponent is singer Paula Parker and her band, who will occupy a space all of their own in the brand new CentroCentro auditorium.


Parker is no stranger to the sounds and ornamental aspects of all these styles, which really aren’t all that compatible with pop and rock even though these genres also appear in the work of this former vocalist of La Dance. The vocalist was in fact a member of that erstwhile Galician indie pop band some time ago, but now she has decided not only to change understanding of music, but also her surname. The reason for this artifice is that Parker, whose real name is Pérez, is keen to help her audiences to put what her group is doing into context. But not only that, the change of surname also serves as a way to pay well-deserved tribute to Charlie Parker, the alto saxophonist and veritable high-voltage pylon of jazz in the 1940s.


The change of direction in Paula’s music did not come about from one day to the next, it took time. And it was registered on an album recorded during a concert given in 2019 at the Filloa Club in La Coruña, the Galician city in which Parker lives and works, as do the other members of the quartet that play with her. Alberto Grela plucks away at the guitar strings, Alfonso Morán plays the double bass, Manuel Gutiérrez is the pianist, and finally, the leader of the group, who also looks after the horn instruments and the percussion, is Roberto Somoza.


Paula and he came to the conclusion that the group felt very much at home in the world of and with the sounds of swing. Their repertoire, full of original songs, is full of nostalgia, and the album “Live”, recorded in one take, perfectly captures this atmosphere. They said not too long ago that they were planning to record another album, so perhaps they’ll let us hear some of it at JAZZMADRID.

Paula Parker – Voice

Roberto Somoza – Wind and percussion instruments

Albert Grela – Guitar

Manuel Gutiérrez – Piano

Alfonso Morán – Double bass

MAP: Plaza Cibeles, 1A, 28014 Madrid