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Pedro Ojesto Quartet Feat. Román Filiú

Pedro Ojesto Quartet Feat. Román Filiú

Pedro Ojesto Quartet Feat. Román Filiú

Friday, November 5th
19.00  – CentroCentro. Caja de Música

Price: €12 / online: €10

No matter how much praise is poured on the work of Madrid-born Pedro Ojesto, it can never be enough. His projects, Flamenco Jazz Company, Sandra Carrasco & Pedro Ojesto, and the Pedro Ojesto Quartet featuring Román Filiú, are fully fledged initiatives. This musician’s artistic dimensions are abundantly represented in any one of them: his role as a backbone of jazz and piano playing and indeed of flamenco as well, a language he also knows to perfection, the quality of his performances and his brilliant staging.

Some may think that just because they may have seen one of these projects, they think they know all there is to know about this great artist. A common mistake. Only with the perspective given by the time elapsed since he first set up such embryonic groups as Solar and Celesta, four decades or so ago, can one appreciate that Pedro Ojesto has contributed a creative voice to jazz that ranks right up there with some of the greatest names of the genre. And, moreover, his knowledge extends to virtually every style of jazz, albeit with special emphasis on that half-way house which is the hybridisation that jazz and flamenco have fashioned here in Spain, our very own “Marca España” hallmark.

As far as piano performers go, well, the Americans have quite a few examples, all of them sufficiently solvent and popular; here, we have Pedro Ojesto with his own world of sound. And, as if we needed anything more, this event includes the presence of Cuban saxophonist Román Filiú. Filiú seems to have always had the gift of ubiquity. Not only is he everywhere, he’s welcome wherever he goes. In a few days he’ll be chalking up another triumph at the Condeduque Centre for Contemporary Culture with his project “Suite Oriental featuring the Assai Quartet”, part of JAZZMADRID line-up – he’s now a stellar member of this quartet, which also includes Josemi Garzón on double bass and Fernando Favier on drums.

Pedro Ojesto – Piano

Román Filiú – Saxophone

Josemi Garzón – Double bass

Guillermo McGill – Drums and percussion

Open this map: Plaza Cibeles, 1A, 28014 Madrid