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Susan Santos

Susan Santos

Susan Santos

Friday, November 12th

20.00 – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau
Price: €16 / Concessions: €14 / Friends of the FG: €13

It’s been ten years since this guitarist and singer decided to move to Madrid, nurturing her ideas and her habit of improvising with the help of the blues. She was looking for a more everyday sound, and also a language able to agglutinate ingredients from other styles, such as rock & roll and music with American roots. And she found it, as can be seen by the contents of her debut album from 2010, “Take me Home”.


Susan Santos, whose enormous passion for music is said to have led her to teach herself how to sing and play the guitar, has published five albums to date and she frequently appears in very diverse festivals and stages all over the United States and Europe. Television has also proven an ideal platform for her interests, and she has worked as a guitarist on such shows as “La Mañana de la 1” and “Mucho que Ganar” on La Sexta.


Manolo Fernández, a veteran broadcaster on Radio 3, once said of her album “No U Turn”, that she had enormous warmth and complicity in every note. In fact, what Susan Santos does is to bring the abrasive languages of rock and blues closer to us, although they have always been hers. In any case, there is a joyful consensus that to discover the true energy of her music you need to see her live. This time, moreover, we’ll be able to see her on a bigger stage, with a larger capacity, than when she appeared at this festival in 2019. Susan Santos has been living a period of manifest inspiration for some years now, and as far as this reunion with her fans in Madrid is concerned, we’re sure she’s going to be on top form.

Susan Santos – Electric guitar and vocals

José Vera – Bass

Lauren Stradmann – Drums

MAP: Plaza de Colón, 4, 28001 Madrid
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