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Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez

Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez
Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez

Verónica Ferreiro & Javier Sánchez

Friday, November 26th
20.00 – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau

Price: €16 / Concessions: €14 / Friends of the FG: €13

Although there may be no new artistic paths, there is, after several decades of disoriented traffic, a permanent search for the one that may correspond to us. Verónica Ferreiro’s jazz is a very suggestive example; sometimes she veers towards soul, sometimes she revisits urban fado, quite often she resurrects pop music and all it contains, and she certainly wants to understand – like the best renovators – music from anywhere and anytime.


The popular phenomenon of Verónica’s irruption on the Madrid music scene could not be understood without knowing these specific circumstances, and even less so if we are unaware of the special efforts that this young artist, who also graduated in Classical Dance, put into becoming a singer and composer. She studied piano and music theory at the Conservatory of La Coruña, her hometown. It wasn’t until she began to take classes with Carmen Rey, however, who instructed her in Vocal Technique and Improvisation, that she became interested in the seductive language of jazz and, in general, in any and all music with black roots.


In 2004, Verónica Ferreiro won the Government of Galicia’s prize for best Galician performer, after which she moved to Madrid with a scholarship to study music. The Escuela de Música Creativa is one of the destinations of this admirer of Rachelle Ferrell, a singer who – she tells us – possesses every possible voice. Four years later, in 2008, she joined forces with guitarist and producer Sergio Fernández and formed a band with which she toured the vast geography of live music venues and jazz festivals in our country.


2011 greeted the release of her first album as a headliner. It was called “Laio” and the songs is contained immediately found their way into such catalogues as Dusty Groove America, in Chicago, or Giant Step, in New York. This initiative was followed in 2016 by “Nesse Tempo”, with versions of songs by the Portuguese songstress Dulce Pontes and of “Lucha de Gigantes” by Antonio Vega. Once again, a brief but explicit selection. And, in it, the paths were once again made clear: Verónica works with quality sound materials with which she harmonizes with balance and to great effect.


Parallel to her artistic career, Verónica Ferreriro’s professional curriculum was enriched when she began giving singing classes at the EMC.

Veronica Ferreiro – Voice

Javier Sánchez – Guitar

Moisés P. Sánchez – Piano

Ander García – Double bass

Georvis Pico Milian – Battery

Open this map. Address: Plaza de Colón, 4, 28001 Madrid