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Oficial Concerts Villanos del Jazz

S 18 Nov
Teatro Pavón
Teatro Pavón · 22:00 · How to get there
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Every great artist has their own personal Rosetta Stone. The album that cemented their career and confirmed their worth in the eyes of the public. In the case of Madrid’s very own Moisés P. Sánchez, composer, producer, pianist, improviser and arranger, that work was Dedication (2010). Recorded in New York and released by Universal, it was a majestic declaration of principles. And even though a few years later his album Unbalanced (2019) would be nominated for a Latin Grammy, it is only now, thirteen years later, that he has decided to return to that same quartet formation and take stock of everything he has learned and unlearned in Dedication II (2023), the album that he will be performing live with the tenor saxophone of Javier Vercher, the double bass of Pablo Martín Caminero, the drums of Borja Barrueta, and with guest Cristina Mora on vocals.

A stop along the way, a brilliant reinterpretation of the achievements of an all-round musician who has transcended the boundaries between genres and styles thanks to a career overflowing with personality, marked by his productions for Nach, Joan Manuel Serrat, Martirio, Antonio Carmona, Arcángel and Diana Navarro and his collaborations with Plácido Domingo, Benny Golson, Jorge Pardo, Wolfgang Haffner, Chano Domínguez, Ara Malikian, Perico Sambeat and Carmen París

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