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Rembrandt Trío

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T 7 Nov
Caja de Música · 19.00 h · How to get there
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Balance is only achieved when two forces working from different points do so at one and the same time. There is independence and understanding in balance; that is, identity and respect, concepts that either go hand in hand or do not exist at all. In jazz music, rules are invented for every occasion, but there must always be balance. Founded three decades ago in the Netherlands, this trio has already had the opportunity to present itself on our stages as an undisputed example of creative balance. It takes three individuals with a shared artistic passion to achieve this harmony.

What the Rembrandt Trio has created is the result of the finest distillation of the best of Europe’s select vintages of modern jazz. Double bassist Tony Overwater is equally able and willing to play a wide range of instruments, including the violone, a chordophone from the viola da gamba family. His professional career has included collaborations with legends such as the saxophonists David Murray and Yuri Honing, the same musician who recorded the album Seven with the pianist Paul Bley’s trio at the turn of the millennium. Overwater is also responsible for maintaining the contrapuntal stimulus of the narrative.

Vinsent Planjer, on the other hand, is a drummer with clean touches and tempered initiatives, the perfect counterpart to a rhythm section completed by Overwater. Last but not least, there is the pianist Rembrandt Frerichs, who not only gave his name to the group but also instilled in the others a taste for classical European and Middle Eastern music, both of which have influenced and characterise the group’s style.

The Rembrandt Trio now presents an album with a rather picturesque and beautiful title, A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us through the World , and their appearance at JAZZMADRID is the first collaboration that the festival has signed with the Cultural Department of the Dutch Embassy. As was the case in the joint work that the group once performed with the Valencian saxophonist Perico Sambeat, in none of the pieces that we will hear in their concert will we find a more or less transitory shift from one style to another, but rather the music manifests itself as an ensemble, as a whole.

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